The Back Gate Villager – February 2023

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Hello and Happy February!

As you all know, February has some great distractions from the cold wintery weather – Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Groundhog Day. Two additional events to mark on your calendar are the Coffee Social on February 11th and Breakfast with the President on February 25th. Come out and meet with your board and your neighbors, grab a cup of coffee or juice and a donut.

The Breakfast with the President on January 21st was very well attended by over 20 of your neighbors. First, we all gathered in a circle. Then, we introduced ourselves and talked about different issues and ideas. Topics we covered included status of tennis court repairs and maintenance, community-wide landscaping projects, parking issues on streets and driveways, and community outreach to some of
our neighbors who are unable to get out much in snowy and icy conditions. It was a fun time meeting new and long-time residents of our community. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone on February 25th and following up on some of our great discussions and ideas!

One common theme that kept coming up during our breakfast meeting was the need for volunteers in our neighborhood. It’s incredible how many different ways each of you can help to continue to make Village on the Knolls one of the best communities to live in Centennial. If you can give just a few hours a month walking our beautiful neighborhood, writing an article or hosting a meeting at the clubhouse you
can make a difference. So, my challenge to you in February is this – think about what you could do for your neighborhood and then get out and do it!


We appreciate our terrific maintenance crew for their continued efforts to clear our sidewalks and driveways so quickly – especially while enduring such unusually frigid temperatures! Because of them we can safely and comfortably get outdoors to go for a walk, visit neighbors, collect our mail and exercise our furry friends.

Kudos to our KVTA staff – Cady, Ben, Warren and the extra helping hands from the folks at Sanchez Maintenance and Cox Professional Landscape Services.


Thanks to Caitlyn Branine who updated our
community book exchange box near the Clubhouse. She restocked it with some new, popular books. Please stop by and take a look!
Last July, Caitlyn provided us with the music for our ice cream social. She studies communications at University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.


Saturday, February 11 at 9:30 am at the Clubhouse.
Come meet Knolls Village Neighbors!

For our next holiday theme coffee on March 11
Questions: Anne Krause (call/text 202-841-6390)

Book Club

Thursday, Feb 16, 2023 at 2:00 pm

The next book we are reading is “This Is How It Always Is” by Laurie
Frankel. Marilyn Heinle has the books.

The February meeting will be at her home at 2:00 pm Thursday, February 16  2615 East Geddes Place
Phone: 303-694-3541

PLEASE NOTE the time change—2:00 pm We have decided to try an afternoon meeting and see how it goes


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