What is a Board of Directors?

The Knolls Village Townhouse Association’s Board of Directors is a governing body composed of seven volunteer homeowners elected by the association’s members. It is responsible for rulemaking, financial management, property maintenance, dispute resolution, vendor and contractor management, community development, and communication with homeowners. The board operates as a not-for-profit business owned collectively by the homeowners, reinvesting revenue into maintaining and enhancing the community’s shared amenities and common areas. Homeowners automatically become members upon purchasing property and participate in the decision-making process through the election of the Board of Directors, which oversees the association’s affairs, enforces rules and regulations, and ensures transparency and accountability while acting in the community’s best interest.

Current Board Members

Scott Ward


Darcy Johnson

Vice President



Phil Andrews


Anne Waite

Board Member

Margie Nowick

Board Member

Tom Zukas

Board Member

Job Responsibilities


Shall preside at all meetings of the board; shall see that all orders and resolutions of the board are carried out; shall sign leases, mortgages, deeds and other written instruments; and shall co-sign all checks and promissory notes. Shall prepare a board report for each publication of The Villager. Shall prepare and deliver all meeting materials to the board of directors prior to each meeting.


Shall act in the place and stead of the president in his/her absence, inability or refusal to act, and shall exercise and discharge such other duties as may be required of him/her by the board.


Shall assist the business secretary as needed.


Shall serve as chairman of the Finance Committee, and liaison between the committee and the board regarding all financial recommendations; cause an annual audit of the association to be made by a public accountant at the completion of each fiscal year; and shall prepare an annual budget and a statement of income and expenditures to present to the members at the annual meeting; and deliver a copy of same to each member household. Shall co-sign all checks and promissory notes of the association.


Shall attend all meetings of the board; including monthly, quarterly, annual and special meetings; participate in and support the work of the board on behalf of the membership.