Zelle Payments Now Accepted at Knolls Village Townhouse Association!

November 21, 2023 / Comments Off on Zelle Payments Now Accepted at Knolls Village Townhouse Association!


We’re thrilled to announce a new and convenient way for residents to make payments to the Knolls Village Townhouse Association. As part of a trial program, we are now accepting payments through Zelle, a fast and secure digital payment platform.

How to Make Zelle Payments:

To make your payments hassle-free, simply send your dues to our designated Zelle account at bookkeeper@knollsvillage.com. This email address is linked to our association’s account, ensuring a seamless and efficient transaction process.

Important Memo Line Information:

To ensure that your payment is accurately reflected against your account, please include your address in the memo line. This step is crucial for our records and will help us streamline the accounting process.

Disclaimer: Important Notice Regarding Zelle Payments

While we’re excited to offer Zelle as a convenient payment option, it’s crucial for residents to take note of the following disclaimer:

The Knolls Village Townhouse Association is not responsible for payments sent to the wrong Zelle account or to the wrong association.

To ensure the accurate processing of your payment, please double-check the recipient information before initiating the transfer. The responsibility for providing the correct payment details lies with the sender. In the event of a payment sent to an incorrect Zelle account or association, the Knolls Village Townhouse Association will not be held liable for any resulting complications.

Trial Program Details:

We’re excited about this trial program, but as with any new system, there may be some initial adjustments. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to streamline the process and make this payment option as convenient as possible for our residents.

Why Zelle?

Zelle provides a secure and straightforward way to transfer funds directly from your bank account to ours. It eliminates the need for writing checks or dealing with physical currency, making it a more modern and efficient solution for your association payments.

Next Steps:

  1. Set up Zelle on your banking app if you haven’t already.
  2. Send your payments to bookkeeper@knollsvillage.com with your address in the memo line.

We believe that this new payment option will simplify the payment process for everyone involved. If you encounter any issues or have questions, please feel free to reach out to our association’s management.

Thank you for your cooperation and participation in making Knolls Village Townhouse Association a technologically advanced and resident-friendly community!

Please note that this information is subject to change, and updates will be provided as the trial program progresses.