Pool Update – August Week #4

August 29, 2023 / Comments Off on Pool Update – August Week #4


In this week’s pool project update, we’ll be sharing the latest developments that highlight our progress:

The three pool pumps underwent a 72-hour operational test this week, and we’re pleased to report that no defects were discovered.

Efforts have been directed towards advancing our heating system. AquaWorks took initiative by engaging an on-site expert to explore the gas line connection for the two large pool heaters. They will be working on a bid for the work. Additionally they have met with a different company to address the flue installation for the heaters. Updates will be provided as this aspect of the project unfolds. It is currently the only item remaining for the large pool to be operational.

The small pool system, which includes the piping, heater, filter, chlorinator and pump, is now running at full capacity. Maintaining a comfortable 80-degree temperature, the small pool is fully operational, though we are not yet able to open it for use.

Turning our attention to the large pool, it is currently at a temperature of 72 degrees, which is not high enough to allow for its usage. Notably, even if we had heaters for the large pool, achieving a temperature higher than the 77-degree threshold might still take several days.