Pool Update – July Week #3

July 24, 2023 / Comments Off on Pool Update – July Week #3


Listening to feedback from the previous board meeting, we are committed to providing weekly updates on the pool project to keep you informed of the progress. Here’s the update for the third week:

Recent Developments:

  • During a phone call with the pool equipment contractor last week, it was noted that the electrical box in the pool equipment room was a special order item. The electrical box must be anti-corrosion in nature. We anticipate the electrical contractor to receive the box soon and promptly install it upon receipt.
  • A major improvement this week was the installation of the sand filter sand that was received during the first week of the month. Our pool filters are now being prepared for adding water.

Next Steps:

  • Once the pool equipment room’s updated electrical panel is installed, we will be in a position to begin filling the pool with water. The process of pumping water will commence to regulate pH, alkalinity, chlorine, and calcium levels, ensuring the water is ready for swimming.

Looking Ahead:

We remain optimistic that the pool will be ready for use soon, and we will continue to provide updates as the work progresses. Your ongoing support means a lot to us, and we look forward to sharing more positive developments in the coming week.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.