Pool Update – July 2023

July 5, 2023 / Comments Off on Pool Update – July 2023



Hello All – as you know, the pool equipment replacement project has delayed the opening of our 2023 season. In order to provide adequate background and accurate understanding of what has occurred since Board approval of the project in May 2021, we would like to share the following timeline: 

MAY 2021

  • Contract signed with Colorado Pool Designs for pool equipment renovation plans 


  • KVTA received four bids for the project 
  • Plans reviewed, discussed and finalized by then Board President, Dave Kaiser, in collaboration with Maintenance Supervisor, Warren Deutsch.
  • 2/15 – Board approved contract signed with AquaWorks Construction to remove and install new equipment per plans approved by Colorado Pool Designs 
  • HVAC and Electrical permitting noted in contract per discussion with City of Centennial 

MARCH 2022

  • FINAL Colorado Pool Designs approved plan forwarded to AquaWorks

MAY 2022

  • Board voted to delay equipment replacement until after 2022 pool season due to supply chain issues (wader pool equipment) AND unexpected break and necessary replacement of clubhouse sewer line 


  • AquaWorks completed demolition and disposal of old equipment 


  • 2/8 – Aquaworks notified Board that installation of new equipment would begin 2/10/23
  • 2/9 – Board President (Todd Mata) contacted AquaWorks and requested the installation be delayed due to heater/venting design and permitting concerns expressed by KVTA Maintenance Supervisor who was not at ease with the proposed plan 
  • 2/9 – AquaWorks provided Board President with information and assurances addressing the heater/venting design and permitting concerns 
  • 2/9 – Board President requested AquaWorks submit design plans to City of Centennial for further review as a cautionary measure to alleviate any possible safety concerns
  • 2/10 – AquaWorks halted work as requested by Board President 
  • 2/16 – Maintenance Supervisor contacted City regarding heater/venting concerns
  • 2/17 – Maintenance Supervisor contacted Pool designer regarding heater/venting concerns.
  • 2/22 – City responded to concerns expressed by Maintenance Supervisor
    • Heater/venting/racking system to be designed and validated by a licensed engineer
    • Must meet requirements of 2015 International Building Code
  • 2/28 – Pool designer responds to concerns, confirms they can provide engineered drawings for an additional $1,800 if needed.

MARCH 2023

  • 3/3 – AquaWorks requests to be the sole contact with the city regarding permitting.
  • 3/7 – The KVTA Board of Directors approves allocating $1,800 for fully engineered plans.
  • 3/8 – AquaWorks applied for permits from City of Centennial
    • AquaWorks consulted with plans examiners in order to gather additional documents for submission week of 3/13 
  • 3/17 – Board President asks AquaWorks if they need additional engineered drawings.
  • 3/24 – AquaWorks informs they are still waiting on the city.

APRIL 2023

  • 4/4 – Our maintenance supervisor indicates that the City of Centennial will not allow the plans as presented. AquaWorks construction manager informs our maintenance supervisor the timeline will be tight, but the pool should open on schedule. Others at AquaWorks inform that the pool should open on schedule.
  • 4/5 – AquaWorks notified KVTA of permit approval by the City of Centennial.
    • HVAC and Construction Manager (John) coordinated to pull mechanical permit for venting week of 4/10 
  • 4/7 Board President reaches out to AquaWorks via email to ask if there are still any concerns with venting.
  • 4/10 – AquaWorks responds that the mechanical subcontractor will need to make a site visit.
  • 4/19 – Board President emails AquaWorks for an update and receives no response.
  • 4/24 – Board President emails AquaWorks for an update and receives no response.
  • 4/24 thru 4/29- Equipment unpacked, valves assembled, fittings layout planned
    • Design plan and equipment placement changes necessitated engineering modifications and further communication with the City of Centennial 
  • 4/26 – Board President emails AquaWorks for an update and receives no response.

MAY 2023

  • 5/3 – Board President emails AquaWorks for an update and receives no response.
  • 5/12 – Board President emails AquaWorks for an update and receives no response.
  • 5/12 – Board President communicates with the HOA’s legal council regarding potential remedies in the event the contract is terminated.
  • 5/21 – Board Vice President (Anne Krause), with the goal of exploring other options to open the pool, contacts and organizes two consults and three on-site visits with 2 alternative HVAC and Plumbing companies. These 2 companies were recommended to Anne by specific homeowners.
  • 5/22 – Plumbing to connect pool pumps and filters in process 
  • 5/25 – Announcement to community regarding delayed pool opening posted on pool gate
  • 5/30- Plumbing done to fullest extent possible, awaiting finalization of new heater layout plan 

JUNE 2023

  • 6/1 – KVTA (Scott Ward – new point of contact re: pool equipment project ) talked with with Construction Manager and determined:
    • Final heater arrangement 
    • Wader pool would utilize a heat pump 
    • New heater layout required additional design work from Colorado Pool Designs
  • 6/1 – Due to forward progress, the decision was made by the majority of the board, to not pursue outside sub-contractors provided by Anne.
  • 6/6 – Board meeting with 30+ residents in attendance. The board communicated the current status of the pool.
  • 6/8 – Comprehensive pool update provided to community including website, mailboxes, pool gate and announcement via phone service 
  • 6/12 – Plumbing main heaters has begun.
  • 6/12 – Approval of heat pump from Colorado Pool Designs based on electrical availability
  • 6/20 – Electrical load study revealed state and city codes not met by current main electrical panel (located on outside wall of clubhouse) which supplies subpanel to pool
  • 6/21 – New main panel installation approved by Board (outside of pool equipment replacement contract – cost; $5,500) Main panel replacement ordered by AquaWorks 
  • 6/29 – Drawings to include addition of wader pool heat pump in process by Colorado Pool Designs will be submitted to City by AquaWorks upon completion 
  • AquaWorks informed City that updated plans to include heat pump are being drafted
  • Heat pump ordered and scheduled for shipment with anticipated arrival 7/7


We are eagerly awaiting the delivery of a new electrical panel required for the main pool installation and a heat pump for the small kiddie pool. These items are expected to arrive in a few days, and we are hopeful that the installation process will commence shortly thereafter. Once the main panel and heat pump are in place, we will be able to determine a more precise projected opening date for the pool. Despite the delays, we remain optimistic about the future, envisioning many sunny days ahead for the community to enjoy KVTA’s beloved pool.