The Back Gate Villager – January 2023

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Happy New Year Village at the Knolls residents!

As we kick off the new year, I wanted to share with you some news on initiatives we’re working on in 2023!

New Website.
The new Technology Committee, headed up by AJ Quick, has been diligently working on scoping out the details for making our website more user-friendly and appealing for people exploring our community! As part of this initiative, we would also like to add a picture gallery that shows off the best of Village at the Knolls. We’ll be asking for digital photos that will be considered for inclusion on the website. So, get out there and start taking pictures!

Phase 2 Landscaping Project.
Based on resident comments at the December board meeting, the board members are looking at landscaping options for the new phase 2 landscaping project. Our Secretary Anne Krause will be hosting a series of informal community meetings where we hope to get your input on what you think will enhance the beauty of our community!

New Shed Project.
Currently, KVTA maintenance crew has tools and carts housed in various garages around the community. In order to provide greater security and accountability for our equipment, we are planning the construction of a new storage shed suitable for safeguarding tools and lawn equipment. Scott Ward is heading this project up and will be looking at different locations and designs which will be shared with the community.

Financial Reporting Compliance.
To provide complete transparency and accountability of KVTA financials and to ensure compliance with association financial reporting rules, I am forming a new Finance Committee which will include myself, the Treasurer and two community members. Our first project will be kicking off an audit of the KVTA’s financial statements and records. The newly created Finance Committee will oversee this and provide monthly updates to the board and community with progress reports.

Brekkie with the President.
Starting in January, I will be hosting a monthly Saturday morning breakfast where we can meet, have a donut or bagel and discuss what is going on in and around Village at the Knolls. This will also be a great time to chat with your neighbors.

Photo of Todd Mata

President’s Bio.

Based on the last board meeting, a few residents attending the meeting asked for some background and bona fides on who I was. Here is my professional Bio.

“Todd is a Certified Public Accountant in Illinois, Colorado and Texas. In addition to being an accountant, Todd has a law degree (JD) from Loyola University of Chicago and a masters of law (LLM) from DePaul University Chicago School of Law.

Todd’s professional experience includes working for 28 years as a senior financial executive for various Fortune 250 companies, multinational consulting firms and governmental agencies.

After being a homeowner since 2016, Todd has agreed to assume the role of President and use his extensive professional skills to address the significant legal, financial and operational issues confronted by volunteer-run HOAs like the KVTA.

As the year progresses, we’ll add newsletter updates on other initiatives we plan on introducing at Village at the Knolls!

Best Regards,
Todd Mata, President




Saturday, February 11 at 9:30 am, at the Clubhouse.

Come meet Knolls Village Neighbors!

Anne Krause
(call/text 202-841-6390)

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and take this opportunity to introduce myself to the community. I have been a homeowner since 2016 and really appreciate what an incredible neighborhood it is. Heading up the ACC is my way of maintaining the beauty of our community!

Since 2014 Anita and Tom Zukas have taken on the great task of heading the ACC for KTVA and the KTVA paint committee as well. Since May of 2022, I have been working to learn the “Architectural Control Committee ropes” from Anita and Tom. They will continue to head the ACC paint committee, and I will head the ACC. They and I will continue to need helpers from the community to keep it a well-maintained and peaceful community.

The current members of the ACC include: Marianne Tracy, Mary and Lou Berlin, Ann Kingery, Carol McCall, Bridgid Hendricks, Gay Campbell, Anne Waite, AJ Quick, and Anne Krause and Karen Hannon. As members and residents of this community, we would like to invite you to be part of the ACC committee, and we look forward to walking with you down the streets of our beautiful community!

Please contact me by email: or we can meet in-person if you join us at our next monthly meeting of HOA members, which will be held on Jan. 3rd, 7:30 pm at the KTVA Club house.

Thank you, Elisa Mata (KVTA homeowner since 2016)

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”
– Elizabeth Andrew

Thanks to Tom and Anita Zukas

Thank you to Anita and Tom Zukas for their work and dedication to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Anita chaired the ACC for the last 8 years, and she and Tom have been on the committee for more than 10 years. The Board is grateful for their enthusiasm and unceasing diligence, and of course, for Tom’s good humor.

Now that they have more “free time,” they hope to be able to travel more in their RV and spend more time with their children and grandchildren. They are still involved in our community as they will continue as ACC committee members and chair the Paint Committee.

For those of you whose units will be painted this spring, you have already received a letter from them, and if you have work to do, you will be getting a follow-up call soon so work can be done before the painting begins at the end of March.

Updating Our Little Neighborhood Library

“Hello neighbors and fellow bookworms. My name is Caitlyn and for 2023 I want to read more books. I figured a good way to start is to update our community book exchange box near the clubhouse.

Since the box appears to be overflowing with old and outdated titles, I decided to clean it out and restock it with some new and more popular books.

Please stop by in the New Year and take a look! And don’t forget to bring some of your old books to exchange when you do. Happy New Year!”

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